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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) – is a leading membership body that offers an internationally recognised professional qualification in management accountancy. Buy Chartered Institute of Management Accountants diploma, Order a CIMA certificate online, How to obtain CIMA advanced diploma? The CIMA qualification provides an ideal foundation for finance professionals who want to work in the business arena. Besides producing a syllabus that is designed to keep students at the cutting edge of business developments, CIMA upholds high ethical and professional standards. Members and students must adhere to CIMA’s ethical guidelines, byelaws and regulations. Globally, the institute has 195,000 members and students in 176 countries.

In 1976, CIMA was granted a royal charter which acknowledged that CIMA is among the top professional bodies in the UK and is permitted to qualify people as members. As a chartered body, CIMA is also responsible for observing UK government standards.

What do they do?

CIMA helps businesses and individuals to succeed by harnessing the full power of management accounting – not just accounting for the balance sheet, but accounting for business. The CIMA Professional Qualification is based on the CGMA Global Management Accounting Principles© the world’s first and only management accounting standard and the CGMA Competency Framework. It leads to earning the globally recognised Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

Why should I choose to study with CIMA?

Completing the CIMA Professional Qualification and earning the CGMA designation allows you to join a distinguished group of professionals who have advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management. Buy CIMA official transcript, Buy CIMA certificate, Create CIMA advanced diploma certificate. Based on extensive employer and practice research and tested using business role-play, it covers the skills and competencies that employers are demanding now and in the future.

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Create CIMA certificate, Order CIMA advanced diploma online.
Create CIMA certificate, Order CIMA advanced diploma online.