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In the spring of 2017, Wheeling Jesuit University was deeply in debt and looking for ways to get out. Salvation came from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, which had originally gifted the land for the university campus in 1952.

In a massive deal whose terms weren’t publicly disclosed at the time, the diocese took control of Wheeling Jesuit’s physical campus — its 65 acres and buildings were valued at $47.1 million — and agreed to lease it back to the university for just $2,418 per month, roughly the sum a group of recent college graduates might pay for a two-bedroom apartment in a big city.

In exchange, the diocese paid off the university’s bond debt, totaling about $32.4 million, according to financial filings.

At the time, Debra Townsley, Wheeling’s interim president, called the arrangement “a substantial chunk of relief” for West Virginia’s only Catholic higher education institution and the nation’s youngest Jesuit one. “It’s an exciting day. It’s not many schools that can have its debt eliminated.”

Now, less than two years later, the university is again in crisis. It declared “financial exigency” last month and says it will heavily cut back its undergraduate offerings in the fall — one observer calls it a “major course correction.” Wheeling laid off 20 of its 52 full-time instructors March 28, trimmed its course catalog sharply and substantially lowered its forecast for this fall’s incoming class.

The university is poised to eliminate several majors, including theology, philosophy, history, engineering and literature. Instructors, several of whom spoke to Inside Higher Ed on condition of anonymity, said that if that’s the case, the university has essentially given up its role as a liberal arts or traditional Jesuit institution. where to buy Wheeling Jesuit University fake diploma, how to get Wheeling Jesuit University fake certificate, Order Wheeling Jesuit University fake degree, buy Wheeling Jesuit University fake diploma online. buy fake diploma

Catholic higher education has a long tradition of founding colleges in the health professions, but Jesuit colleges and universities such as the College of the Holy Cross, Georgetown University and Gonzaga University are also known for rigorous liberal arts programs, with an emphasis on fields such as philosophy.

The layoffs will gut the teaching staff responsible for delivering Wheeling’s core undergraduate curriculum, which had already been modified in 2017. In that change, the core curriculum shrank from more than 50 credit hours of instruction in philosophy, theology, literature, history, ethics and natural and social sciences to just 36. It was later supplemented with several short undergraduate seminars, but it has never regained its previous stature.