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The University of Southampton has seven campuses, four campuses are located in Southampton, one is located in Winchester, the other is being rebuilt (Baldwood campus), and the last is an overseas branch campus in Malaysia. Among them, the University of Southampton is currently committed to building a new research institute and has various sports facilities, buildings, and accommodation spaces nearby.

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The main campus of the university is located on the Highfield campus. Opened on June 20, 1914, the campus was originally used as a military hospital during World War I, and then gradually developed. The main red brick buildings (such as Hartley Library and Student Union West Building) were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott , Sir Basil Spence was appointed to be responsible for the future blueprint of the campus. This includes University Road, two campuses of approximately 59 acres (24 hectares) and Sir Sidney Kimber’s brick quarry itself is divided by one. Unable to clear roads and private residences, Spence designed many buildings facing away from them, using contemporary concrete, glass and mosaics as the main body. In recent decades, new buildings have added anti-Spens master plans, such as the Synthetic Chemistry Building and Mountbatten Building (the latter was destroyed by a fire in 2005).

In 1998, Rick Mather proposed a new campus master plan. He proposed that the University Road should become a boulevard supported by white buildings. He also contributed some new buildings, such as the buildings of Zeppler and Gower. In 1991, under the leadership of Tim Holt, the Highfield Campus Planning Group was established. This led to the development of new buildings such as the Jubilee Stadium, the Student Services Building, and the Institute of Sound and Vibration. In addition, existing buildings, such as the Hartley Library, have undergone extensive renovation and expansion.


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