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The University of Arizona Global Campus, formerly Ashford University, is an online university “operated in affiliation with the University of Arizona.” In 2020, Ashford University was acquired by the University of Arizona, becoming the University of Arizona Global Campus. Zovio, a for-profit higher education corporation and Ashford’s former owner, is the campus’s online program manager. It has been implicated in multiple scandals, including improper teaching methods, fraud against consumers, targeting mentally ill veterans, and mismanaging credit balances and leaves of absence.

Until 2020, Ashford University was a holding of Zovio (formerly called Bridgepoint Education), a for-profit education technology services company. The school is an open enrollment institution serving working adults and offers associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in more than 50 degree programs online. The university consists of five colleges: the Division of General Education, the Forbes School of Business & Technology (FSBT), the College of Education, the College of Health, Human Services, and Science, and the College of Liberal Arts.

The University of Arizona Global Campus is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission with Notice of Concern.

Origin as TeleUniversity 1999–2001
University of Arizona Global Campus claims a history dating back to 1918. The school, however, has stronger roots with TeleUniversity, an online school created by entrepreneur Michael K. Clifford in 1999.

Charter Learning 2001–2003
In 2001, the company changed leadership with co-founders Wayne Clugston, Scott Turner, and David Vande Pol. TeleUniversity was renamed Charter Learning with a focus on helping working adults complete their bachelor’s degree while attending their community college. Charter Learning provided American Council on Education credit recommended upper division curriculum in Organizational Management, the Maricopa Community College system provided the lower division coursework and instruction, and Charter Oak State College granted the degree. In 2003 Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm, invested in Charter Learning and the name changed to Bridgepoint Education. In 2005, Bridgepoint Education purchased the small Franciscan University of the Prairies campus in Clinton, Iowa, retained the school’s valuable accreditation, and renamed it Ashford University. Most of Ashford University’s students, however, were enrolled to learn exclusively online and the campus closed in May 2016.