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UCSI University is a private university in Malaysia and the only university in the world to make the top QS Recognition for Improvement. Propelled by its leading-edge academia, the university is renowned for its leadership in academic pursuits and engagement with industry and community. The university moved up to 63 spots to be ranked the world’s top 284th university and placed among the top 0.9% of the world’s universities. The university is quickly making a name for itself in research and innovation and has distinguished itself as a higher learning institution with a track record of having quality academicians and researchers with a global presence since its establishment in 1986. Currently, all UCSI University’s programmes have received a 100% employability score from the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry’s Graduate Employability 2021 survey, making its graduates highly employable in the job market.

UCSI was founded in 1986 by Dato’ Peter Ng as a computer-training institute in Petaling Jaya. It soon relocated to new premises in Kuala Lumpur to cater to growing student numbers and more academic programmes were offered. UCSI was accorded college status in 1990 by the Ministry of Education (Malaysia), university college status in 2003 and full-fledged university status in 2008, becoming Malaysia’s second private university. The institution was formerly known as Sedaya.

To offer a wider range of academic programmes, UCSI College, an education subsidiary under UCSI Group is set up in 2015. UCSI College offers Pre-University, Diploma and Certificate, Degree Transfer and 3+0 UK degree programmes. UCSI College is now a MyQUEST 5-star private college.


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