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Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finnish: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu, TAMK) is a university of applied sciences (a polytechnic) in the region of Pirkanmaa, Finland. Together with Tampere University, TAMK constitutes the Tampere higher education community.

Founded in 1996, TAMK merged with the Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences in 2010. Its campuses are located in Tampere, Ikaalinen, Mänttä-Vilppula and Virrat.

TAMK’s main campus is located in the city of Tampere, 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away from the city centre. There are three other smaller campuses in Tampere: Mediapolis, Music Academy, and Proakatemia.

TAMK has almost 10,000 students divided among over 40 degree programmes, of which seven are conducted in English.

TAMK has collaborations with more than 300 universities in fifty countries, including with the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh. TAMK takes part in several mobility programmes, including Erasmus +, Nordplus, North-South-South, First, the China Programme for Educational Cooperation, and Science Without Borders.

TAMK is a professional higher education institution oriented towards working life and RDI co-operation. Our strengths are multidisciplinary education, creativity, and a strong international profile. We place special emphasis on technology, wellbeing services, business administration, and culture. TAMK’s quality system has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

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TAMK offers a wide repertoire of studies in English: from bachelor’s and master’s degrees to exchange studies and continuing education. Make your way to one of the most popular universities of applied sciences is Finland!