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Swarthmore College (/ˈswɔːrθmɔːr/ SWORTH-mor, locally /ˈswɑːθmɔːr/ SWAHTH-mor) is a private liberal arts college in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1864, with its first classes held in 1869, Swarthmore is one of the earliest coeducational colleges in the United States. It was established as a college “under the care of Friends, at which an education may be obtained equal to that of the best institutions of learning in our country.” By 1906, Swarthmore had dropped its religious affiliation and officially became non-sectarian.

Swarthmore is a member of the Tri-College Consortium, a cooperative academic arrangement with Bryn Mawr and Haverford College. Swarthmore also is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania through the Quaker Consortium, which allows for students to cross-register for classes at all four institutions. Swarthmore offers over 600 courses per year in more than 40 areas of study, including an ABET-accredited engineering program that culminates in a Bachelor of Science in engineering. Swarthmore has a variety of sporting teams with 22 Division III Intercollegiate sports teams, and it competes in the Centennial Conference, a group of private colleges in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The school’s alumni have attained prominence in a broad range of fields. Graduates include five Nobel Prize winners (as of 2016, the third-highest number of Nobel Prize winners per graduate in the U.S.), 11 MacArthur Foundation fellows, 30 Rhodes Scholars, 27 Truman Scholars, 10 Marshall Scholars, and 201 Fulbright Grantees, as well as a number of winners of the Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Academy Awards and Emmy Awards, and the Guggenheim Fellowship.