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The Newnham Campus is one of the largest college campuses in Canada. It is home to more than 15,000 full-time students in business, engineering, aviation, early childhood education, fashion, opticianry, information and communications technology and liberal arts. The campus, initially known as Finch Campus, was renamed in 1984 after founding president William T. Newnham, is also the site of extensive continuing education activity during the evenings and weekends. The campus also includes a 1,113-bed residence, sports centre and daycare centre. It is located west of the intersection of Highway 404 and Finch Avenue East.

The campus’s first building was opened in 1969 and over the years has involved various architects (William H.D. Hurst (Phase 1); John B. Parkin (Phase 2 with Searle, Wilbee and Rowland); Abram, Nowinski and McLaughlin (arena)). In 1973 a 1,100 square foot domed planetarium was added to the Phase 3 section of the campus, but it has since closed. buy Seneca university diploma. buy fake Seneca university degree. buy fake Seneca university certificate online.

In fall 2011, a major 200,000-square-foot expansion, designed for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, was officially opened at the campus. The new building, designed by Craig Applegath of Dialog, features three 80-seat classrooms; twenty-three 40-seat classrooms; fourteen 40-seat computer labs; a multi-purpose auditorium for 240 students that can be turned into a conference room or two 120-seat lecture halls; increased computing commons and library space; several new areas of collaborative student study and workspace; a new “front door” for the campus and improved campus access for people with disabilities. The atrium in the new space was named after Frederick Minkler, Seneca’s first chair of the board of governors.

In 2019, Seneca’s Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) opened at Newnham Campus, representing a major expansion to the campus. CITE includes Seneca’s innovation centre known as HELIX, major technology labs for mechatronics and robotics courses as well as extensive computer labs and classrooms. CITE is infused with Indigenous design, the highlight of which is a 30-foot diameter medallion in terrazzo rendered from an original work by Joseph Saga.