Where to obtain Pearson Edexcel NVQ diploma certiifcate?

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What are NVQs?

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are designed to demonstrate a learner’s occupational competence. They are usually delivered in the workplace, although some sectors and levels may be delivered in settings that replicate the working environment if this is explicitly stated by the relevant Sector Skills Council or Standards Setting Body.

Our NVQs are based on the National Occupational Standards, which define the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to do a particular job. National Occupational Standards are set by Sector Skills Councils or Standards Setting Bodies in consultation with the sector.

National Occupational Standards are statements of performance which describe what competent people in an area of work should be able to do. This may include:

the knowledge and understanding that underpin competent performance
current best practice
the standards required for competence

What occupations do Edexcel NVQs cover?

NVQs are sector-specific qualifications. They are available for a huge variety of careers across a wide range of industry sectors, ranging from hairdressing and engineering to policing and design. I am looking for a Pearson Edexcel NVQ diploma online, Buy a UK diploma, Get a Qualifications certificate online.

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Where to obtain Pearson Edexcel NVQ diploma certiifcate?
Where to obtain Pearson Edexcel NVQ diploma certiifcate?