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Old Dominion University is a higher learning institution based in Norfolk, Virginia. Founded as the College of William and Mary in 1930, the university became known as Old Dominion in 1962, after the historic nickname for the state of Virginia granted by King Charles II when it was a colony of England. With over 24,000 students the university is one of the largest higher learning institutions in the tri-state area.

The amount of choice to be had at Old Dominion is truly staggering; between Certificates, Minors, bachelors, masters, and PhDs there are no less than 427 academic paths for a student to take. Whether it be accounting or world culture that interests you, at Old Dominion students can take advantage of the 95% of classrooms that are fully fitted with the latest technology, ensuring courses remain at the forefront of education and research.

The university’s Office of Research is responsible for coordinating the expansive facilities at Old Dominion which focus on a wide range of scientific fields. In 2016 technology developed at the Vision Lab led to researchers being awarded a $1.6 million dollar grant towards their work in the detection of malignant brain tumors. Buy Old Dominion University degree online, fake Old Dominion University diploma for sale.Buy fake diploma

In reference to the university’s original name, Old Dominion’s sports teams are known as the Monarchs. Competitive sports played at the university include baseball, American football, hockey and rowing. For the more casual sports enthusiast, there is also an expansive Recreation Centre on the university site. buy ODU fake degree, buy ODU diploma, where to buy ODU certificate, buy ODU degree online

Some famous sons and daughters of Old Dominion are congresswoman Thelma Drake, member of the band America Dan Peek, astronaut Michael Bloomfield, and basketball player and coach Anne Donovan.

I love ODU. Old Dominion University has wonderful professors that are passionate to teach students. ODU has lots of school spirit and many on-campus activities. Students are always involved with new clubs and activities around campus every day. The campus ambassadors and staff are very helpful all throughout the year. Mrs. Ruby always welcomes students with a sweet smile and a wonderful attitude at the Broderick Dining Hall. I love my school, GO MONARCHS!

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