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The environment of the National University of Singapore is very modern. The school’s representative blue-orange color scheme is not pretty, but it is fair.

There are many colleges in NUS, which are divided into medical schools, engineering schools, humanities and social sciences, etc., covering a very large area, and there are free buses between the schools. For example, if you are attending classes at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences today, and you want to find friends in the Faculty of Engineering in the afternoon, you can take this free bus, which is very convenient, and NUS has its own campus hospital, and the school is very complete in terms of infrastructure.

Is it hard to get into the National University of Singapore?

Is it difficult to get into NUS? … The National University of Singapore is a well-known and well-respected research college, so getting into it is really difficult. That’s why their acceptance rate is so low. However, almost anybody can apply to attend the school.

If you can be admitted to NUS, no matter which major you are, it will not be bad. The comprehensive strength of prestigious schools is average, and the development of various disciplines is relatively strong. If you are not sure how to choose,
——Computer-related majors

Including network security, information systems, computer-related majors are still very advantageous in NUS, not only because the current employment situation in the computer field is very good, the salary is also beautiful. The school also has exchange programs with other world-renowned schools, and you can visit other schools. The overall faculty of the school is very strong.

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——Engineering and life science majors

The life science course belongs to engineering-biomedicine; civil engineering belongs to engineering-construction engineering; these two majors are very good majors at the National University of Singapore, and interested partners can consider

–the medical profession

If it is said that graduate salary ranks the first major, it is none other than medicine. Of course, affected by the policy, it is difficult for our domestic students to apply for a medical major in Singapore. However, extended majors can be considered, such as pharmacy, chemistry, biology, etc., which can be selected. buy fake degree online, How to get University diploma?

The tuition fee for the undergraduate level is 30,000-40,000 SGD/year, and the schooling period is 3-4 years, which means that the tuition fee for a year is almost 150,000-200,000 yuan.

The tuition fee for the master’s level is 20,000-50,000 SGD/year, which is converted into RMB 100,000-250,000. The main reason for the large span is different majors. For example, majors in humanities and social sciences are relatively cheap, with a tuition fee of S$20,000; majors in business are relatively expensive.

The cost of living varies from person to person. The mustard sauce here gives you a general reference for the cost of living. It is about 20,000 SGD a year, which is equivalent to 100,000 RMB. Compared to countries such as the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the overall cost of studying abroad is much lower, which can be regarded as a conscience.

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