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Neumann University was founded in 1965 as an all-women’s institution, Our Lady of Angels College. Apply for a Neumann University degree online, Obtain Neumann University diploma, How long to buy a Neumann University degree certificate? Its founders were the Catholic congregation of the Sisters of St Francis of Philadelphia. In 1980 the college accepted its first male students and changed its name to honour Saint John Neumann.

17 undergraduate, six Master’s and three doctoral programmes are on offer at the university. A broad range of academic disciplines, from art to biology, are covered at Neumann, but it is best known for its nursing and physical therapy courses. The liberal arts curriculum gives students a broad spectrum of knowledge, thinking skills and theology with which they can approach their career and the challenges of life.

Neumann University is made up of three academic schools: the School of Business, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education. Neumann offers graduate degrees in education, educational leadership, physical therapy, clinical mental health counseling, accounting, nursing, business, sport business, athletic training, organizational leadership, and clinical laboratory science. Some programs are offered online.

Neumann University has been expanding into the health care field by introducing new concentrations such as pre-Physical Therapy, pre-Occupational Therapy, pre-Athletic Training as well as introducing a new Health Sciences Major with tracks in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning. Who provide the fake Neumann University diploma? Buy bachelor degree in Neumann University.

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Offering you the best Neumann University degree online.
Offering you the best Neumann University degree online.