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Lingnan University (LN/LU), formerly called Lingnan College, is a public liberal arts university in Hong Kong. It aims to provide students with an education in the liberal arts tradition and has joined the Global Liberal Arts Alliance since 2012. Lingnan University became the first university in Hong Kong to accomplish the goal of providing rich hostel experience for all undergraduates and currently, 80% Lingnan students are able to go on exchange for a term during their undergraduate study.

In 2015, Lingnan University was selected as one of the “Top 10 Asian Liberal Arts Colleges” by Forbes.

In 2020, the university ranked 2nd worldwide for “Quality Education” in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2020.

University rankings
Global – Overall
QS World 601-650 (2023)
Regional – Overall
QS Asia 152 (2023)

Entrance of Lingnan University
Lingnan University has 3 faculties, 16 departments, and 19 undergraduate degree programmes comprising a broad range of disciplines in humanities, social sciences and business administrations. All undergraduates are required to take 33 credits of Core Curriculum courses, 18 credits of Chinese and English language courses, 48 credits of major courses and 21 credits of free elective courses. Lingnan also offers a variety of taught masters, research masters and PhD programmes. Total students comprise more than 3,000 students.

Lingnan School
After the 1949 revolution in China, the university remained in Guangzhou, and was merged into Sun Yat-sen University in 1952. In 1967, the Lingnan Secondary School board of directors, along with the Lingnan University Hong Kong Alumnus Club and Lingnan Club founded the Lingnan Education Expansion Council, and began to organise the Lingnan School in Hong Kong. In the formative years, the school only provided preparatory form (Sixth Form) education and non-degree programmes. During the 1970s, Lingnan School began to offer diploma programmes in such subjects as liberal arts, commerce, and social science.

Lingnan College
At the end of 1978, the colonial government in Hong Kong issued a White Paper on post-secondary education. Lingnan accepted the government’s suggestions, and abolished the 4-year system that is used in other universities around the world in favour of the “2-2-1” regimen (2 years of preparatory courses, 2 years of study for higher diplomas, 1 more year for an honours diploma). At the same time, the school was registered as an Approved Post Secondary College, and changed its name to Lingnan College.

During the 1980s, the school began to focus its resources on Social Science, Commerce, and Literature programmes, and shut down its other programmes, such as Music and Science, to conserve funding. In 1985, an interdisciplinary degree programme was established.

Lingnan’s speed of development increased as the 80s drew to an end, due to the colonial Hong Kong government’s policy of expanding higher education. At the same time, the preparatory courses that were first mandated by the government in 1978 were steadily abolished.

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How to order fake Lingnan University diploma?
How to order fake Lingnan University diploma?