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Lindenwood University is a private university in St. Charles, Missouri. Founded in 1827 by George Champlin Sibley and Mary Easton Sibley as The Lindenwood School for Girls, it is the second-oldest higher-education institution west of the Mississippi River.

Lindenwood offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees through nine colleges and schools. Its enrollment was 6,992 students in 2021. The 500-acre (202.3 ha) main academic and residential campus is located 24 miles (39 km) northwest of St. Louis, Missouri, in St. Charles.

Faculty and research
Lindenwood has a student-faculty ratio of 13:1 and an average class size of 25 students. Unlike many universities, Lindenwood does not use graduate students to teach classes. The university currently has 716 faculty, including 233 full-time faculty and 558 adjunct faculty.

Lindenwood is home to the John W. Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise, which was founded in 2013 and comprises three focus centers: the Center for Economics and the Environment, the Liberty and Ethics Center, and the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship. The Hammond Institute is under the direction of Dr. Howard J. Wall, a former vice president and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, who joined Lindenwood in 2011 as director of the Institute for the Study of Economics and the Environment.

Speaker series and notable speakers
The university began the Lindenwood Speaker series in 2008 and conducts an annual speaker series throughout the fall and spring semesters in which notable figures in literature, arts, entertainment, science, business, and politics present various issues and topics to students, faculty, and the community. Past speakers include: Tamim Ansary author and Islamic expert; Dan Cathy, President and COO of Chick-fil-A restaurants; Arun Gandhi, peace activist and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi; Temple Grandin, doctor of animal science and Autism advocate; Stanley Andrisse, endocrinologist and campaigner for education for incarcerated people; former Navy SEAL, disgraced former Missouri Governor, and author, Eric Greitens; Hill Harper, actor; former MLB pitcher Jim Morris; P. J. O’Rourke, political satirist, journalist, and writer; and Reed Timmer, storm chaser and Meteorologist;

Along with the speaker series, Lindenwood has hosted various speakers and political candidates throughout its history. Robert A. Taft, United States Senator from Ohio and son of President William H. Taft spoke at Lindenwood in 1948 to discuss the Taft–Hartley Act and his candidacy for the 1948 GOP nomination. John Danforth, in 1970 during his campaign for the US Senate seat representing Missouri. Leonor K. Sullivan, visited Lindenwood in 1973 as the first woman in Congress from Missouri. John Ashcroft made a stop at Lindenwood in 1983 as a campaign stop before he became Missouri’s Governor in 1984. Richard Gephardt spoke in 1985 as a U.S. Representative of Missouri. Former U.S. Senator from Missouri and Democratic vice presidential nominee, Thomas Eagleton, spoke at Lindenwood after he returned to Missouri from the senate in 1988. Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State spoke on the campus in 1988. Jim Talent visited LU as a U.S. congressman from Missouri in 1995. Dora Boyd de Perez Balladares, First Lady of Panama visited the university in 1997. Matt Blunt came to Lindenwood while serving as the Governor of Missouri. The university hosted 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Ron Paul at the Hyland Arena on March 10, 2012.

The Margaret Leggat Butler Library was constructed in 1930 and is located in the historic eastern region of campus. In addition to 150,000 books and periodicals, classroom, research, and quiet study spaces, the library also houses a coffee shop and a writing center. The library is a member of the MOBIUS Consortium, a statewide system that links Lindenwood’s library to libraries at other higher learning institutions across Missouri.

The Library is home to the Mary Ambler Archives. The archives were founded in 1993 and are part of the Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative and the State Historical Society of Missouri. They include a collection of historical documents, official records, and special collections from the 185-year history of the university. The archives also include historical documents from Missouri during the early American Frontier and Antebellum periods. Other historical materials include information on women’s colleges, the personal papers of George and Mary Sibley, and historical documents from St. Charles County, St. Louis City and St. Louis County together with the surrounding area.

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