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Lindenwood University is a private university in St. Charles, Missouri. Founded in 1827 by George Champlin Sibley and Mary Easton Sibley as The Lindenwood School for Girls, it is the second-oldest higher-education institution west of the Mississippi River.

Lindenwood offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees through nine colleges and schools. Its enrollment was 6,992 students in 2021. The 500-acre (202.3 ha) main academic and residential campus is located 24 miles (39 km) northwest of St. Louis, Missouri, in St. Charles.
By 1989, Lindenwood College was bankrupt with student enrollment below 800. The college was in danger of closing when the administration hired Dennis Spellmann as the new president.[19] Spellmann immediately began to implement changes, eliminating co-ed dorms, placing the emphasis on a “values-centered” approach in the classroom, and eliminating tenure.

The university began an extensive expansion of academic, residential, and athletic facilities starting in the mid-1990s which included construction of eight new residence halls, the Spellmann Campus Center, Lou Brock Sports Complex, and Harlen C. Hunter Stadium, as well as extensions to Ayres Hall and Harmon Hall. A change that caused controversy for the school was the “Pork for Tuition” program begun in 2002 and designed to help rural families pay for tuition by the university accepting livestock in return for discounts. The animals were then processed and used in the school cafeteria. At the time, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals staged a small protest in Saint Charles in response to the program. The Spellmann administration’s focus on enrollment growth made Lindenwood the fastest-growing university in the Midwest during the time from the mid-1990s into early 2000s. In 2006, Dennis Spellmann died by which time the university had seen its endowment grow to more than $50 million. Dr. James Evans became Lindenwood’s 21st president on February 9, 2007.

The 500-acre (202.3 ha) main campus is located in historic St. Charles, Missouri, on high ground overlooking downtown St. Charles and the Missouri River. Its buildings range from historic 19th-century buildings to modern on-going construction projects. The campus stretches roughly one mile from southwest to northeast and is divided by a meandering stream. To the west, the campus is bordered by Duchesne Dr. with Droste Rd. and W. Clay St. forming the southern boundary. First Capitol Drive runs along the eastern edge of the campus and Gamble St. adjoins its north side. The eastern area of campus is the oldest section with the most recent expansion in the central and southern areas. The northwestern area has almost no structures. The university is a dry campus with alcoholic beverages prohibited on campus and in all university buildings.

The eastern part of the LU campus is the oldest part and contains many historic buildings characterized by their early 20th-century architecture and vast numbers of linden trees. This area is located near the site of the original log cabin where Mary Sibley began the Linden Wood School for Girls. The eastern part of campus is the location of many of the academic buildings and contains the Margaret Leggat Butler Library, the university’s main academic library.[39][40] Roemer Hall, constructed in 1921, is the main administration building on the campus and home to the president’s office, financial aid office, the registrar, and the business office, as well as the School of Education.


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How to buy fake Lindenwood University diploma?
How to buy fake Lindenwood University diploma?