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LASALLE College of the Arts (informally LASALLE) is a publicly-funded post-secondary arts institution, planned to be a constituent college of the University of the Arts Singapore (UAS) by 2024 along with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore.

Founded in 1984, LASALLE has eight art and design schools that offer more than 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in contemporary arts and design education. LASALLE’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees are validated by Goldsmiths College, University of London, one of the leading universities in the world for arts and humanities.

Many leaders in the Singapore arts scene are linked to LASALLE, including Alan Oei as artistic director of The Substation and Eugene Tan as director of the National Gallery Singapore.

The late Brother Joseph McNally, the founder of LASALLE College of the Arts, was known for his outstanding educational and artistic contributions in Singapore, which he made his home in 1946.[8] He spent almost 40 years in Singapore teaching in various affiliated schools of the De La Salle Order including St. Joseph’s Institution and St. Patrick’s Secondary School. Upon retirement, Brother Joseph decided to follow through with his vision to elevate the arts culture in Singapore, holding the belief that the arts is instrumental to a nation.

In 1984, Brother Joseph founded LASALLE College of the Arts. Originally known as the St Patrick’s Arts Centre, the institution was funded largely through Brother Joseph’s own pocket, given the low priority, the Singapore government placed on the arts at that time. As an integrated arts college, the first cohort had a strength of 27 students who were offered diplomas in Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Music.

In 1993, Brother Joseph’s effort in securing resources finally paid off when Singapore Airlines contributed S$15 million to enhance campus facilities. The college was subsequently renamed LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. Other financial contributors to the college include the Khoo, Lee, Shaw and Hong Leong Foundations, and Airbus Industries. In the same year, an agreement was formalised with Australia’s RMIT University for its bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts to be awarded to graduates of LASALLE’s Fine Arts programme.

Following the government’s plans to rejuvenate Singapore’s art space, LASALLE began receiving financial support from the Ministry of Education. At LASALLE’s 10th anniversary celebration in 1995, then-Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remarked that LASALLE played an important role in developing artists and their audience in Singapore, and announced that the Singapore government would be extending financial assistance to the college by providing an estimated sum of $4 million in grants. The college also started offering degrees, designed and developed in Singapore, to support the local and regional creative industries.

In 2010, LASALLE launched the MA Asian Art Histories programme, the first of its kind worldwide. Its focus is on Asian modern and contemporary art, where students are able to investigate recently emerged artists and movements within the geographical domain, and undertake a plethora of research subjects. In 2012, LASALLE established a partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, to introduce 14 publicly funded undergraduate arts degree programmes. A year later, the college introduced the MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice Programme. Its most recent programmes include MA Creative Writing and MA Design, bringing its range of programmes to more than 30.

In March 2021, Minister for Education Lawrence Wong announced that Singapore’s first arts university will be established in an alliance between the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts. The formation of the University of the Arts Singapore (UAS) will see both colleges under the umbrella university be given degree-awarding powers independent of their current foreign partners, where the current long-distance degrees are issued through foreign universities. Singaporeans and permanent residents enrolled in the approved degree programmes at the university of the arts will pay subsidised fees, comparable to the autonomous universities in Singapore.