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Kingston University (Kingston University) is located in the town of Kingston University on the River Thames. It has 7 departments, namely Business, Design, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Computer Mathematics, Engineering Technology, And the Department of Health Sciences. Kingston University has always maintained close ties with industry and other professional bodies to ensure that the school’s courses are more in line with employers’ requirements. Many of the school’s degree programs provide students with the opportunity of a year internship in the industrial and commercial sectors.
The school’s mission is to provide the best quality education, and this feature has been proven. Kingston University has at least 12 majors rated as “excellent”, and in the past 6 years, Kingston University’s 24 majors have been rated as “excellent” by outside school evaluation experts, reaching more than 20 single subjects. Times. The school has a total of 21,300 students, of which 3,121 are international students, distributed in 7 different departments including the Department of Business, Design, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Computer Mathematics, and Health Sciences. The school has a total of 2,128 faculty and staff with practical experience. The academic environment and equipment of Kingston University are well positioned in the relevant assessments of the British Foundation Committee. It is highly appreciated by the assessors due to the up-to-date and abundant learning materials. The school has the right to issue the following certificates: pre-university; completion certificate; graduation certificate; bachelor degree certificate; compound professional bachelor degree certificate; double bachelor degree certificate; master degree certificate; doctorate certificate and MBA degree certificate.

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