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Kim Hyong-jik (Korean: 김형직; 10 July 1894 – 5 June 1926) was a Korean independence activist during Japanese rule. He was the father of the North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, the paternal grandfather of Kim Jong-il, and a great-grandfather of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Little is known about Kim. Born on 10 July 1894, in the small village of Mangyongdae, situated atop a peak called Mungyungbong (“All-Seeing Peak”) just 12 kilometers downstream on the Diadong River from Pyongyang, Kim was the son of Kim Bo-hyon (金輔鉉, 1871–1955). Kim attended Sungshil School, which was run by American missionaries, and became a teacher and later an herbal pharmacist. He died as a result of numerous medical problems, including third-degree frostbite.

Kim and his wife attended Christian churches, and Kim even served as a part-time Protestant missionary. It was reported that his son, Kim Il-sung, attended church services during his teenage years before becoming an atheist later in life.

Kim Il-sung often spoke of his father’s idea of chiwŏn (righteous aspirations).

Kim Jong-il’s official government biography states that his grandfather was “the leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement and was a pioneer in shifting the direction from the nationalist movement to the communist movement in Korea”. Kim Hyong-jik is claimed by North Korea to have convened an important meeting of independence activists in November, 1921 memorialized at the Sansong Revolutionary Site.

The school started as the Pyongyang Teacher Training College(평양교원대학) on October 1, 1946, as a 2-year tertiary educational institution. In 1948 it was promoted to a 4-year degree as the Pyongyang University of Education. In 1972, the school was divided to Pyongyang University of Education No.1 and No.2, and No.1 became the current Kim Hyong Jik University of Education in 1975 after Kim Hyong-jik, father of Kim Il Sung.In 1980 it became a 5-year course.

Specialising in the training of teachers, Kim Hyong Jik University of Education is one of the DPRK’s top universities. Its Korean language faculty is regarded as the best for teaching Korean as a foreign language.


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How to buy fake Kim Hyong Jik diploma online?
How to buy fake Kim Hyong Jik diploma online?