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IGCSE, founded by the University of Cambridge, UK, is an international general secondary education certification for students aged 14 to 16 and is recognized by most universities and employers worldwide.

Cambridge English certification is divided into five levels,The first level, entry level: English entry exam (key English exam, abbreviated as KET);
The second level, the primary level: the primary English test (primary English test, abbreviated as PET);

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The third level, the level of independence: the first English certificate examination (English first certificate, abbreviated as FCE);
The fourth level, fluent use: Advanced English Certificate Exam (Advanced English Certificate, abbreviated as CAE);
The fifth level, skilled use: proficiency in English certificate test (English proficiency, abbreviated as CPE).
At this stage, the primary and secondary schools generally take the first three levels, namely KET, PET and FCE.
The examination content is divided into two stages: reading, writing, and listening. The second stage is oral.
KET: 70 minutes of reading and writing, 20 minutes of listening, and about 8 minutes of oral exam.
PET: Reading and writing for 90 minutes, listening for 30 minutes, oral test for about 10-12 minutes.
FCE: 75 minutes of reading and language application, 90 minutes of writing, about 40 minutes of listening, and about 14 minutes of oral exam.


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Where to buy IGCSE certificate? order GCE certificate.
Where to buy IGCSE certificate? order GCE certificate.