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Whether you are looking for your first role with a compliance team, or perhaps to expand and develop your knowledge, maybe with a view to accelerating your career, ICA has a range of Singapore specific qualifications from which to choose. When we think about it, regulatory scrutiny, rules, laws, regulations are forever changing and the need that employers have for skilled practitioners in this area shows no sign of decreasing. Firms today are focussing on, amongst other things, governance, conduct, sanctions, anti-money laundering, customer due diligence and cyber enabled fraud. The challenges they face are quite significant. So the need to have an informed and educated compliance team is crucial. Modern compliance officers today need to keep up with trends and developments – local and international – put in place policies and procedures, report on the effectiveness of compliance strategies, analyse data and be a champion of best compliance practice throughout the firm. They are at the heart of the organisation, championing both the customer and the firm.

Having an ICA qualification can help you achieve all of this. It helps compliance enthusiasts complete their roles and responsibilities with confidence. It is designed to increase knowledge and understanding and help develop skills. It can be a door opener whether this is your first role or if you have been in practice for a while. An ICA qualification is vocational. The learning experience brings you into contact with the Singapore compliance community, helps you develop relationships and network. It comes with recognition both through IBF and Alliance Manchester Business School, part of the University of Manchester and funding is available making it accessible too.

International and local. Practical and vocational. Relevant, recognised and academically backed. The ICA range of Singapore specific qualifications ticks all these boxes and more.

Compliance professionals not only navigate a complex regulatory environment but also add a key commercial perspective. They enable the right business to be conducted in the right way and help firms achieve success by using systems and controls to ensure effective risk management.

ICA qualifications are accredited or recognised under the IBF-STS or FTS training schemes. The IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”) and Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) are training incentive schemes supported by the Financial Sector Development Fund (“FSDF”), targeted at promoting financial sector training.

SkillsFuture Credit are applicable to ICA qualifications.
ICA qualifications are vocational programmes within an academic discipline. The certificated qualifications are awarded in association with Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester and are internationally recognised by regulators and employers.

ICA have been working with ICTA Academy since 2008. The team there support students as they progress their way through both the ICA Singapore specific and international ICA programmes. They have an excellent knowledge and understanding of local and APAC wide compliance issues, helping students realise their ambitions to work within compliance. The team also can help with all funding related queries and applications.


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buy international compliance association (ICA) certificate.
buy international compliance association (ICA) certificate.