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The University of York (University of York) is a large public comprehensive university, established in 1963, located in the urban area of York, England, and belongs to the Russell University Group. York University is also a member of the N8 Research Alliance. Although it is still young compared to other prestigious universities, its development speed is relatively fast; York University ranks 8th in the world’s young universities, and its reputation in the UK is second only to cattle Sword; York University officially joined the Russell University Group as a member in 2012.
Located in York, England, the University of York is one of the top ten universities in the UK. It was rated as an institution of higher learning by Time Magazine. It is the top university in the world. York University was established in 1963. Since then, with its own teaching and research skills, To be the most successful and popular university in the UK. York University is also a member of the British White Rose University Alliance. York University has 7 colleges and more than 30 departments. Established undergraduate and postgraduate courses in liberal arts, sciences, social sciences.

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