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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a public research university in Clear Water Bay Peninsula, New Territories, Hong Kong. Founded in 1991 by the British Hong Kong Government, it was the territory’s third institution to be granted university status.

HKUST is commonly regarded as one of the fastest growing universities in the world. In 2019, the university was ranked seventh in Asia by QS and third by The Times, and around top 40 internationally. It was ranked 27th in the world and second in Hong Kong by QS 2021. It also ranked first in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings in 2019 and second by QS world’s under-50 universities in 2020.

Today, the university consists of four main academic schools, offering programmes in science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social science, along with the Interdisciplinary Programmes Office, HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School / Guangzhou HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute, HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study and HKUST Institute for Public Policy.

Few symbols represent an institution like the sundial represents HKUST, entitled “Circle of Time”, the sculpture standing in the center of the Entrance Piazza was commissioned by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and created by two Irish-born, Perth (Western Australia) based sculptors, the husband-and-wife team of Charles and Joan Walsh-Smith.

The sculpture is based on one of mankind’s earliest scientific inventions: a sundial. The ability to integrate technology and nature into a seamless form personifies who they are as a university. Its elegance marries elements of the past, while remaining timeless, invoking the future with its minimalist lines, though instantly recognizable as the form of fire, the unity of these incongruent idea stands as a testament to what can be accomplished by the ambition of man.

The sundial is made of steel and mounted on a paved podium of broad steps in the center of a pool of flowing water – a metaphor for the passage of time. The podium also incorporates a carved mural depicting 39 Chinese achievements in all fields of science and technology. The installation took place on October 8, 1991. The red sundial has then become an icon of the University, with its facets reflecting the interplay of form, function, history, and futurism.

From the Design theme:

“This major focal-point is a great, 8.5m tall ‘Timepiece’, which is a synthesis of art and science, in that it is a sculpture which actually functions as a sundial, and a sundial which is also a sculpture, irrespective of its functional element. The soaring, sweeping, graceful forms of this centerpiece, is suggestive of dynamic movement and complex rhythms of shape, which uses the Sun and its shadows as an intrinsic element of its function, both visually and aesthetically.”

The future of Chinese science and technology cannot be met without a firm recognition of its past. Taming the challenges in nature requires an understanding of its essential relationship with the sciences. The utility of an object cannot be separated from its artistry and the form that it takes. The “Circle of Time”, shows that only through the mastery of these dualities they can surpass their wildest dreams, being more than equal to any challenge ahead of them. At HKUST their will is greater than their ambition.