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ETH Zurich (English: ETH; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich; German: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich) is a public research university in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Founded by the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 after the model of the École polytechnique in Paris with the stated mission to educate engineers and scientists, the school focuses primarily on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.[5][6] Like its sister institution EPFL, it is part of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology Domain, part of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research.

In the 2022 edition of QS World University Rankings, ETH Zurich was ranked 8th in the world, placing it as the fourth-best European university after the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. In the 2021 QS World University Rankings by subject, it ranked 4th in the world for engineering and technology (2nd in Europe) and 1st for earth and marine science. Also, ETH ranked 11th in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2022-23.

ETH Zurich has a world-class reputation in academia and industry. As of 2021 there are 24,500 students from over 120 countries, of which 4,460 are pursuing doctoral degrees.

22 Nobel laureates, 2 Fields Medalists, 3 Pritzker Prize winners, and 1 Turing Award winner have been affiliated with the Institute, including Albert Einstein and John von Neumann.[8] It is a founding member of the IDEA League and the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), and a member of the CESAER network.

The main building of ETH Zurich was built from 1858 to 1864 under Gustav Zeuner; the architect, however, was Gottfried Semper, who was a professor of architecture at ETH Zurich at the time and one of the most important architectural writers and theorists of the age. Semper worked in a neoclassical style that was unique to him; and the namesake and architect of the Semperoper in Dresden. It emphasized bold and clear massings with a detailing, such as the rusticated ground level and giant order above, that derived in part from the work of Andrea Palladio and Donato Bramante. During the construction of the University of Zurich, the south wing of the building was allocated to the University until its own new main building was constructed (1912–1914). At about the same time, Semper’s ETH Zurich building was enlarged and received its impressive cupola. The university’s engineering and computer science departments are located around here.

Aerial picture of the Hönggerberg campus. The city of Zurich and the Alps can be seen behind.
Aerial picture of the Hönggerberg campus. The rest of the city of Zurich, where the main campus is, and the Alps can be seen in the background.
Hönggerberg campus
In the year of ETH Zurich’s 150th anniversary, an extensive project called “Science City” for the Hönggerberg Campus was started with the goal to transform the campus into an attractive district based on the principle of sustainability. The university’s science departments are located around here.

An ASVZ sports center which is accessible to all students and faculty, and includes a gym, beach volleyball court, football field, and martial-art rooms.

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