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The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a professional institution for management based in the United Kingdom. It was founded as the British Institute of Management (BIM) in 1947 or 1948, merged with the Institution of Industrial Managers (IIM) in 1992 to form the Institute of Management (IM), and gained a royal charter, and its present name, in 2002. buy fake diploma, fake certificates, buy fake degree online, How to buy fake UK diploma? Can I order a fake CMI certificate for a job?

The major membership classes are Member, Fellow – for those with significant expertise – and Companion – the most senior grade.

In addition to supporting its members, the organisation encourages management development, carries out research, produces a wide variety of publications on management interests, and publishes the official members’ magazine, Professional Manager. The institute also engages with government and other public bodies concerning policy on management and business related issues. Professional Manager magazine is circulated to over 80,000 members of the CMI. buy fake CMI Level 7 diploma certificate.