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Cyprus International University (CIU; Turkish: Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi) is an English-language private university in Northern Cyprus. It is located in the capital, North Nicosia and was established in 1997.

Cyprus International University was established in 1997, as a result of rising interest in higher educational institutions and instruction in English, and in recognition of the increased need for universities which conduct education in foreign languages in Cyprus and other countries in the region.

Cyprus International University is in North Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus; the University is situated 5 km from the city centre, 14 km from the Ercan State Airport, 50 km from the town of Famagusta, and 30 km from the coastal town of Kyrenia.

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The CIU Library provides opportunities for students, academic, and administrative staff to benefit from library services by joining for free. There is a huge collection which consists of books, e-books, journals, magazines, CDs, video tapes, floppy disks, and academic internet sources in the library.

CIU FM gives the opportunity to the Communication Faculty students to practice; especially in radio programming, broadcasting and radio station management. CIU FM, which provides communication and knowledge exchange between university directory and students, is not only a station that broadcasts music but it also provides cultural knowledge flow to the listeners, and an enjoyable gathering point where social benefits and education are considered. CIU FM aims to be the pioneer station, according to the listening statistics, in the Northern Cyprus.

CIU Arena which is the first integrated sport complex and also the largest sporting facility in TRNC consists of 7500 m2 indoor and 15.000 m2 outdoor area. The complex which has the capacity of 1710 spectators, consists of a professional and inclusive fitness room, indoor sport hall (1540 capacity), indoor swimming pool (semi- Olympic, 170 capacity), table-tennis, aerobic gall, wall bars, shooting circle, squash, club rooms, cafe, health centre, changing rooms, offices, classrooms etc.

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