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The City University of Macau (CityU Macau), formerly known as the University of East Asia founded in 1981, was renamed in 2011. With strategic development outline of “Rename, Restructure, Transform, Upgrade”, CityU Macau steps forward to develop digital humanities, arts, business, finance, emerging engineering, and social science disciplines to serve society, steering its way to a fully-fledged metropolitan university.

As a leading education provider, the University has been shouldering its social responsibility of “taking roots in Macao and integrating into the Greater Bay Area” to nurture a wealth of high-caliber professionals that align with its motto of “Virtue, Knowledge, Practice.” In the context of integrated development of higher education in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, CityU Macau will spare no effort to provide intellectual and academic support to promote local and regional development.

CityU Macau is home to 8,800 students, offering over 40 Chinese- and English-medium programs with the support of the nine faculties: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Data Science, Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Innovation and Design, Faculty of International Tourism and Management, School of Education, School of Law, Institute for Research on Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

The University is one of the four comprehensive universities in Macao, with 11 bachelor’s degree programs, 19 master’s degree programs, and 14 PhD programs. Its education philosophy is ingrained with a “5-in-1” learning model of international learning, experimental learning, cross-cultural learning, peer learning, and value-added learning that promotes students’ holistic development. The University was applauded for its education excellence. CityU Macau ranked 89th among the top 100 universities in the “2020 ShanghaiRanking’s Ranking of Top Universities in Greater China” and will spare no effort to enhance education quality with international accreditation.

CityU Macau is a leading provider of hospitality and tourism management education in bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs. Currently, its tourism management offerings and the only discipline in Macao accredited with the TedQual certification by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at all degree levels. In addition, its hospitality and tourism management discipline has been listed in ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022 and ranked among the top 20% of universities worldwide in 51-75 places.

CityU Macau has 15 distinctive research institutions, many of which are first of their kind in the city. Over the years, the teams have delivered significant research outcomes to serve social development. Going forward, CityU Macau will continue to carry out scientific projects commissioned by government agencies: National Natural Science Foundation of China, Macao Foundation, MSAR Government Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau, Talents Development Committee, Education and Youth Development Bureau, and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute.

The University is committed to lifelong education. It has established the International Training and Testing Center to offer on-the-job training programs and professional services catering to people’s pursuit of lifelong learning and continuing studies. The Center continues exploring forward-looking teaching models to gear up academic disciplines and serving the societal needs. In addition, the University is also one of the local examination centers to provide a wide range of international English examinations, including TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and the Level 4 and 6 College English Test (CET4 and CET6).

Building professional faculty and services teams lie at the center of management. CityU Macau employs academic members with international backgrounds to cultivate students, especially to supervise postgraduate students. Over 80% of the scholars obtained PhD from prestigious universities worldwide. In terms of global engagement, CityU Macau has established cooperation ties with dozens of international institutions, including the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It has built partnerships with dozens of high-profile higher education institutions at home and abroad to develop a platform for international learning, helping students to broaden their horizons.

Going forward, CityU Macau will seize opportunities arising from the integrated development of higher education in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to develop top-notch academic offerings. It will leverage its strengths, stand firmly in the region with international standards, and nurture patriotic professionals with the core value of loving the Country and Macao to serve the region and the countries.


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