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Charter Oak State College is Connecticut’s public online college offering master’s programs, bachelor’s and associate degree programs, buy fake diploma. and certificate programs for adults. The college was established in 1973 by the Connecticut legislature and is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), and by the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education.

The college offers degree completion programs in a number of high-demand fields including Business, Health Care, Public Safety, Cyber Security and more. buy fake Charter Oak State College degree, buy fake Charter Oak State College diploma. Students can complete degrees in many majors and concentrations through the exclusive use of affordable and accelerated online courses offered by the college. In other cases, majors and concentrations may be completed by combining Charter Oak’s courses and other sources of credit.

The college awards credit for:

Most credits earned at other regionally-accredited institutions including up to 87 credits from two-year colleges plus more if transferred from four-year colleges and universities.
Standardized tests (CLEP, DSST)
Military training and occupation evaluated by ACE
Corporate and agency training programs evaluated by ACE/NCCRS
Portfolio Assessment
Faculty evaluated licensures and certifications

Charter Oak State College can award the Associate degree (in both arts and science), the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Science degree, and, since 2015, the Master of Science degree. The bachelor’s degree programs include several majors, as well as a General Studies degree with a wide selection of concentrations. Many Charter Oak State College alumni continue their education in graduate school.[7]

Charter Oak State College assists its students through a variety of academic support services including program planning, testing, and evaluation. The college also delivers online courses, serves as a testing center and provides credit registry services, as well as information regarding other educational opportunities. The college identifies qualified faculty from regionally accredited colleges and universities and other experts to assess academic achievement in areas not measured by standardized tests and to serve as mentors for programs such as online courses, contract learning, and practica. In recruiting these faculty and experts, the college actively seeks to identify educators who value the impact of broad and diverse experience acquired by students.

Charter Oak offers credit for military training, testing (e.g., CLEP and DSST (standardized test)), prior learning (assessment and portfolio required), credit previously evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), and for learning acquired through some licensing and certification programs (a credential evaluation is required).

Charter Oak State College also assists other Connecticut colleges or universities seeking to provide their students with alternate ways to validate college-level learning, develops partnerships with the corporate and non-profit community to meet the state’s workforce needs and through its Connecticut Credit Assessment Program and special assessments evaluates and formally recognizes non-collegiate learning regardless of how or where such learning is acquired.

Charter Oak State College conducts institutional research and assessment to monitor and evaluate the progress and success of its students, graduates, and programs. The college uses the results of these assessments to evaluate its effectiveness and to make changes that respond to student, institutional, and societal needs.