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The University of Queensland offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs across various faculties, including:

1. Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
– Bachelor of Commerce
– Bachelor of Business Management
– Bachelor of Economics
– Master of Business Administration
– Master of Commerce
– Master of International Business
– Master of Laws

2. Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
– Bachelor of Engineering
– Bachelor of Information Technology
– Master of Engineering
– Master of Information Technology

3. Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
– Bachelor of Health Sciences
– Bachelor of Nursing
– Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
– Bachelor of Physiotherapy
– Master of Public Health
– Master of Clinical Psychology

4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Bachelor of Arts
– Bachelor of Communication
– Bachelor of Education
– Bachelor of Social Science
– Master of Arts
– Master of Education

5. Faculty of Science
– Bachelor of Science
– Bachelor of Biomedical Science
– Bachelor of Environmental Science
– Master of Science
– Master of Biotechnology

The University of Queensland is a highly respected institution and consistently ranks among the top universities in Australia and the world.


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