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The University of Hannover, a member of the TU9 alliance of nine top German universities of science and technology, is located in Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony, Germany. The school currently has 3,500 teachers, including 2,000 researchers. Hannover University has 16 departments and 160 corresponding colleges, providing students with a wide range of professional courses to choose from. The school has many majors, covering mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology, computer science, architecture, economics, chemistry, physics, biology, optics, linguistics, law, horticulture, sociology, political science, Germanic literature, pedagogy, etc. The Technischen Informationsbibliothek (Technischen Informationsbibliothek) of the University of Hannover is referred to as TIB. The library has access to nearly 9 million books, including numerous professional journals and digital documents. As the German central library for science and technology, architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics, TIB also provides professional information for national and international research and industry. It is the world’s largest professional library (Spezialbibliothek).

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