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AQA, formerly the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, is an awarding body in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It compiles specifications and holds examinations in various subjects at GCSE, AS and A Level and offers vocational qualifications. AQA is a registered charity and independent of the government. However, its qualifications and exam syllabi are regulated by the Government of the United Kingdom, which is the regulator for the public examinations system in England and Wales.

AQA is one of five awarding bodies which are recognised by schools across the country. AQA is also recognised by the regulators of the public exams systems for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to offer GCSE, AS and A Levels in the United Kingdom. AQA also offers the AQA Baccalaureate, a qualification also intended for students in Year 12 and 13 and which includes the study of three A-Levels, an extended project and extra-curricular enrichment activities. AQA is the largest examination board for GCSEs and GCE A Levels in England.

AQA administration office, Guildford
The organisation has several regional offices, the largest being in London, Guildford and Manchester.

Due to the growing number of students taking GCSE and A Level exams, AQA has introduced computerized and digital marking in addition to traditional marking of examinations in order to increase efficiency and accuracy of the examination correction.

During the summer 2022 exam series, AQA came under heavy criticism after several of its exam papers contained topics not included in the subject specific ‘advance information’. Following an announcement from the exams regulator Ofqual in December 2021, exam boards were required to produce advance information, covering the ‘focus’ of exams, to alleviate the disruption experienced by pupils during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2022, GCSE Physics Higher Paper One contained a 9-mark question on energy transfers and circuits. Advance Information had listed “series and parallel circuits” as a topic “not assessed” in the paper. Following the error, AQA announced that full marks would be awarded for the offending question, guaranteeing nine marks for each pupils who sat the paper. In addition, AQA announced that it would be performing “extra checks on the advance information and question papers for future exams”.

In relation to the June 2022 A Level Physics Paper Two, claims were made that advance information provided to pupils misleadingly stated that questions relating to Electric Fields and Capacitance would only be present synoptically and in low tariff questions; these topics made up the third question of the paper, worth 12 marks, and came up 8 times in the multiple choice section, in total these topics made up 23.5% of the 85 mark paper. The perceived error lead to significant backlash on social media. AQA responded by defending the paper, stating that the two topics were separate and therefore “neither carried enough marks to be included in the advance information list”.

On 17 June 2022, AQA apologised after A-level Law Paper Two contained a 30 mark question on Rylands v Fletcher and Private nuisance, accounting for 30% of the 100 mark paper, which had not been included in the advance information. In response, AQA stated that it would “look at how students performed” after the paper had been marked and that it would “take any action necessary to protect [pupils].”

On 17 June 2022, exams regulator Ofqual criticised AQA and other exam boards for the ‘distress’ which mistakes on the advance information had caused pupils.

Shortly following the AQA A-Level Chemistry paper 2 (sat on the morning of the 20th June 2022) photographs surfaced on social media, namely Twitter, showing the paper had been leaked potentially up to 7 days before it took place. Throughout the day that followed, AQA were reluctant to comment on the matter. This revelation was met with frustration and disbelief from students, teachers, and parents.

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