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The license to practice medicine (Latin approbatio ‘recognition’, ‘approval’) as a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, psychological psychotherapist, child and adolescent psychotherapist or pharmacist is the state license in Germany to practice the relevant profession independently and on your own responsibility. Associated with this is the authority to use the respective professional title. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, fake certificate, How to buy fake Germany diploma? Can I order a fake Approbationsurkunde certificate for a job?

The granting of the license to practice medicine is regulated by license regulations issued by the Federal Ministry of Health (Germany) on the basis of the relevant laws (Federal Medical Code, Law on the Practice of Dentistry, Psychotherapist Law, Federal Pharmacist Code, Federal Veterinary Code).

What are the advantages of being licensed as a doctor?

With the receipt of the doctor’s license, one can not only finally pursue one’s work, but also take advantage of other advantages.

medical card
Anyone who has obtained a license to practice medicine can apply for a doctor’s card. This identifies its owner as a doctor and enables prescription-only purchases in pharmacies.

Health insurance
Due to the income as a doctor and the expected exceeding of the compulsory insurance limit, with the license to practice medicine you will soon be able to choose between statutory and private health insurance. More information in the article health insurance as a doctor. buy fake Approbation Als Arztin certificate.

tax benefits
Employed doctors can deduct many purchases and costs from their taxes. This includes, for example, travel, work clothing and participation in further training and congresses.