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As we all know, nearly 100 financial colleges and universities across the country have opened ACCA majors and ACCA orientation classes. Many related and non-related majors have chosen to apply for ACCA major/direction classes after learning about ACCA’s high-quality employment prospects. However, due to the limit of the number of people, only a small number of people have the opportunity to declare successfully.

Why do so many people choose ACCA? What exactly is ACCA?

Despite this, there will still be many college students applying for ACCA through other methods… Some choose to learn ACCA independently through a free ACCA learning platform like China ACCA Exam Net plus their own efforts; some choose to apply to A top ACCA training institution like Gordon, learn ACCA…

So why do so many people choose ACCA? What exactly is ACCA? What kind of salary and employment prospects does it have that makes so many people work hard to apply for it? The editor of Gordon Finance will answer for you.

What is ACCA?

ACCA, a Chartered Certified Accountant, is known as the International Certified Public Accountant in China. Since its establishment in 1904, ACCA has always been adhering to: regardless of age, gender, race or education, it creates opportunities for all capable people to help them obtain professional accountant qualifications. ACCA’s educational and professional training structure is highly flexible. Students can choose full-time or on-the-job training to complete their learning tasks according to their own circumstances. ACCA is currently the most internationally recognized and largest accounting organization. Like the United Nations, ACCA is a global accounting organization. It has its own representative offices around the world. The accounting standards of this association are the global International accounting standards used.

What can ACCA bring?

ACCA graduates can easily enter the four major international certified public accounting firms! In international accounting firms, the starting salary is generally around 5500 yuan. ACCA members can hold senior positions in large companies around the world. Financial managers, financial directors, CFOs, and even CEOs. According to official statistics, the proportion of ACCA members’ income between 500,000 and 1 million is as high as 21%. The highest annual salary of the surveyed members exceeded 2 million. buy ACCA certificate online, order certifiicate

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