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Valplesor university hosts 2nd Confucius international music cultural exchange BBS

Jai shankar Raman, vice President of valproso university, addresses the opening ceremony of the 2nd Confucius international music cultural exchange BBS on sept 17.
Chicago, Sept. 18 (xinhua) -- the second Confucius international music cultural exchange was held on Thursday at valproso university in indiana.(buy a degree)
Nearly 100 music scholars and performers from China and the United States attended.
The BBS is jointly hosted by valplesso university and zhejiang university of technology and hosted by the Confucius institute and music department of valplesso university (hereinafter referred to as "varsity").
The theme of BBS is "joy and togetherness - tradition, communication and integration".
The opening ceremony of the BBS was jointly hosted by meng jianyun, President of the Confucius institute of vada university, and yu bin, President of the Chinese side.
Vada executive vice President mark bearman, vice President jai shankar Raman and zhejiang university party committee member li changzu addressed the opening ceremony, and central Tennessee state university China music center director Dr. Han mei delivered a keynote academic report entitled "music-life and soul".
On BBS, Chinese and American cultural comparison expert John raf, conductor Jeff debler, American director of the Confucius institute at vada, meng jianyun, musician Dennis frisen carper, director of the Confucius institute at binghamton university, Chen zuyan and other speakers.
During the BBS, the organizers also held a theme of "Chinese music theory and cross-cultural music therapy" conference on the BBS of preheating, attending experts and scholars are just the latest research results of Chinese music theory published opinions, to the emerging field of cross-cultural music therapy put forward many new ideas, academic atmosphere is very thick and warm.
Some participants believe that the success of BBS to deepen everyone for Confucius music thought culture, especially "LeYiHe with" ideas in the significance of understanding and consensus, and strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the participants on behalf of the organization, the formation of a new network of music exchange of China and the United States, new channels, and to develop communication of a larger and larger sino-us music events laid a solid foundation.