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Comparison of education system in Canadian provincial schools

 Canada's provincial education system is the provinces according to their own situation, and from years of study abroad, Chinese secondary school students go to Canada, most will choose in Ontario and British Columbia.

7-9 months each year are Canadian high school students to apply for the small peak, so here mainly introduce the two provinces for you graduated from high school education system and conditions, convenient for students and parents as the basis of reference.
BC provincial education system
British Columbia (BC), British Columbia, or located in western Canada, BC provincial education system is rigorous, strict management of the students, the BC province set up a test in the BC provincial high school must pass the provincial exams can obtain high school graduation certificate, and in college, students need to learn two years commonly by provincial exams, so don't recommend directly apply for grade 12.
Secondary schools in BC are usually in grades 8-12, and students are required to get a high school diploma in BC province
Diploma needs to meet the following conditions:
1. Need to complete 80 credits (4 credits) each course, including 48 credits required courses, 28 credits of elective courses and 4 credits graduation transition course (graduation transition course is mainly for students to study and work after graduation to prepare).
2. Completed 5 provincial unified examination, including 10th grade English, mathematics, natural science, 11/12 social studies, 12th-grade English.
Participate in 150 minutes of physical activity per week.
4. 30 hours of community service.
Anprovince secondary school education system
Located in eastern Canada, Ontario is the second largest province in Canada and the richest and most important industrial province in Canada.
The Ontario education regulation is flexible and has fewer restrictions on foreign scholars.
The age limit for students is relaxed and the age of graduation is 21.
The secondary school in Ontario is usually 9-12. Students need to get the high school diploma (OSSD) of Ontario to meet the following conditions:
1. 30 credits should be completed: basically each course is one credit, and each credit needs to study 110 hours to be obtained.
30 credits include 18 credits required courses and 12 credits of elective courses, elective courses are mainly students to prepare for later to attend college or work, can according to their own professional and hobby to choose its own at the university of the future.
Students must have a Literacy Test before they graduate.
3. 40 hours of community service.