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[college story] charm Princeton,buy a degree

 Princeton university called the College of New Jersey in the early (the College of New Jersey), established in 1746 in Elizabeth (Elizabeth), is one of the four College in North America England (four College is separately according to the established successively, William Mary, Yale and harvard College of New Jersey).

The college moved to Newark in 1747, moved to Princeton in 1756, and then formally renamed it Princeton University in 1896.
Like many other English schools in North America, Princeton has a strong European style of education.
She emphasized that the training of students has a comprehensive quality of humanities and science, with a view to fostering the proud scholars of honshu and the church through its unique education way.
The tradition is still the focus of the school, but the meaning of religion is gone.
Because of the impact of European colonization and the history of the independence war, Princeton's style of study is more inherited and innovative.
This style is shown in the 2,000 acres of campus buildings.
The gothic style of school buildings and the architecture of contemporary famous houses are the focal points of visitors, making the campus like a living building museum.
"Pocket" Princeton
At the thousands of universities in the United States, Princeton is arguably a "pocket" university for its number of students.
But in the international community, Princeton has a lofty position, rich young man is proud of the Princeton university, family circumstances difficult student scholarship at Princeton university, people also can sit up and take notice.
Princeton, humanities
Princeton is a place full of humanity, and the extraordinary life experience of the genius mathematician Nash has an important part of it happening at Princeton.
In Nash suffered from severe schizophrenia, cure has little hope of cases, Princeton accepted him, let the quiet life on campus, and gave us a great love, finally make him in 30 years to fight against disease rehabilitation, and won the Nobel economic prize.
The story of Nash is the story of the miracle of love.
As a spiritual symbol of Princeton, it is the most eloquent and moving symbol of the university's tolerance and character.
Affect Princeton
As one of the three leading ivy league giants (the other two are harvard and Yale), Princeton has a reputation for academic excellence.
In the United States for several years, the U.S. news and world report ranking of the most authoritative school, it has been steady in the top three, in last year's ranking, with Harvard University in the first place.