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3D printing of the heart patch - the university of Saskatchewan black technology

 Can cardiac muscle tissue regenerate?

It was just a scene from the science fiction star trek.
Now, 3D printing has made it possible.
It's well known that heart attacks can't repair a heart that's damaged by heart attack.
The key to printing a living human tissue, however, is to find the right gelatine, the "ink" of the printer.(buy a degree?)
Today, scientist muhammad eshadi USES a natural gel derived from seaweed to print "heart patches" to repair damaged hearts.
Experiments have shown that it can be compatible with human organs and has non-immunogenicity, meaning the body does not reject the gel.
It can also biodegrade, and in a way, people absorb the gel and make it disappear.
Who is mohammad eshadi?
After a deep dig, the great god was a doctoral student in biomedical engineering at the university of Saskatchewan in Canada who specializes in heart disease and heart disease research.
We have to mention the university of Saskatchewan in Canada.
University of Saskatchewan, Canada (University of Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan for short) is located in the city of saskatoon Saskatchewan province, was founded in 1907, produce more than 130000 graduates, and alumni all over the world.
The university has a high academic level and teaching quality. It is one of the 15 medical doctoral universities in Canada and one of the largest teaching and research universities in Canada.
School teacher force strong, a professor at the university are from Harvard University, Yale university, Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), university of Oxford, Cambridge university, the university of Toronto, Beijing university, university of Saskatchewan and other famous universities.
Big names at the university of Saskatchewan, it can also become a world leader in many areas of study, a 2 is a Nobel laureate in chemistry from the university of Saskatchewan, at the same time, many excellent students to get a scholarship, lot to be able to continue their education at Oxford.