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The importance of diploma and degree!

Along with society's development and progress, the national cultural level and quality enhances unceasingly, the cultural level of the enterprises and institutions for talent demand is rising, the degree, diploma, also is a measure of talent, and also reflected the personal status and identity of a sign, enterprises and institutions, a symbol of strength and cultural qualities.
Degree, diploma is enterprise or business the unit office, ascending, cadre of an important threshold, even if you have superb skills, the first-class qualification and management level, no record of formal schooling and diploma in gold is also unable to development and progress.
All said graduation equals unemployment, four years in the past, facing employment, the paper is blank and angry.
So the first thing to ask yourself is, did you choose to go to college, just for family, or for your own face?
Or survival must!
China's current situation is like this, a lot of time threshold is diploma, employment, promotion, promotion and wage adjustment, time, get the diploma, no diploma is equal to the culture, the enterprise will one have no culture of high school students when the department manager, or supervisor?
Second, you should look at the gold content of your diploma, which does not mean that your school is a brand name, and whether your major is high or high, it means how much knowledge you have learned.
Personal ability comes from acquiring knowledge, which is absolute, and at any time, rich knowledge is your most powerful job-hunting weapon.
A diploma is absolutely essential to your degree.