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What are the best universities in Canada?buy a degree?

Nowadays, many students choose to study in Canada. For overseas students, it is very important to choose a good major and have an important influence on their studies and employment.
The university of Canada has a large number of majors, and economics is one of its advantages. It is also the first choice for many overseas students.
So, what are the best universities in Canada?
1.University of British Columbia, or UBC.
At first, it developed into a comprehensive university, which became the global research center and education center in less than 100 years.
The university is not only one of the top universities in North America, but also enjoys a high reputation in the world.

2. Memorial university of Newfoundland

Memorial university of Newfoundland, Canada, founded in 1925, is to commemorate the sacrifice in the first world war soldiers built, Newfoundland, formerly called Newfoundland junior college development in honor of the university in 1949.
Today, Newfoundland memorial university has become one of the most academically and research-funded universities in Canada.
The university of Newfoundland is ranked in the top five of comprehensive universities in Canada's most authoritative "Maclean" sMagazine.

3. McMaster university

McMaster university was named after one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs, senator William McMaster, in 1887.
Universities began offering degrees in 1890.
McMaster university with its unique innovative teaching and practical idea and development become one of the most famous university of Canada, in the famous McLean magazine (Maclean 'sMagazine) of university rankings, is located in the top 10 Canadian research universities.

4. Concordia university

Canada's Concordia university was founded in 1974 in Montreal, the Canadian province of Quebec, known as "Canada's tsinghua".
The two campuses are only seven kilometers away and have free intercollegiate buses to and from each other.
Concordia university is recognized as one of Canada's most dynamic and innovative university, she has always been committed to the personal ability, social activities and academic excellence development, is a vibrant, multi-cultural university.

5.University of dalhousie

Canada's dalhousie university was founded in 1818, is located in the center of the capital of nova scotia halifax, covers an area of 79 acres, is Canada's top research and teaching universities and famous education magazine Maclean in Canada 's university rankings ranking 14.
The school has system information base, art center, art museum, student union building, many kinds of sports and entertainment equipment.
The first degree was awarded in 1866.

6, carleton university

Canada's carleton university, built in 1942, is located in Ottawa, Canada's capital, and is a prestigious public university in Canada.
It enjoys high reputation in the fields of public affairs, management and high technology.
In carleton university and the university of Ottawa cooperation in running schools, make full use of and share resources, with Canada many leading high technology enterprises and research institutions closely linked, in the public affairs and management, and is among the best research in the field of high technology and enjoys a high reputation.

7.The first university of the lake

The first university in lake Canada is in the city of sandbay, which is in LakeSuperior lake.
In the 37 years since its founding, the school has worked hard to serve its community, vigorously innovating and well known in the north.
Many courses in the school make lakeside very famous, such as forestry, outdoor recreation, biology, geography and geology.
At the same time, the school has gained a reputation for studying indigenous studies.
In addition, its engineering, business and other majors also attract students from all over the country and all over the world.

8. McGill university

All the universities in Canada, McGill university is the most unique a university, from 1821 follow Mr JamesMcGill survivors began school, thrive in the french-speaking, founding in Canada, one hundred years has been very high reputation in the world.
Its teaching and research standards are considered comparable to the ivy league universities in the United States, so it is known as the "northern harvard".

9.Queen's university

Queen's university is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Canada.
Located in Kingston, Ontario, it is a small, safe city.
Queen's university is the second oldest university in Ontario.

10.Simon Fraser university

At Simon Fraser university in British Columbia, Canada, founded in 1802, is one of the prestigious university of Canada, in the quality of teaching, future leaders, comprehensive strength, and the most innovative ways, by Canada's authoritative news magazine "Maclean 'sMagazine named above the second comprehensive university.
There was a reputation as "Canada's most valuable comprehensive university".