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How to write a recommendation letter?buy a degree?

Most schools require two or three letters of recommendation.(buy a degree)
Strong recommendation is one of the important conditions for admission.
The recommendation letter should be objective, just, and avoid the form, the content cavity, and the other material such as the report card, etc.
The letter of recommendation should also be noted in format, grammar, etc.
Because there are always "famous teachers".
The format of the recommendation letter is basically the same as the general letter.
Have letterhead, date of issue, name of addressee, name of the letter, body, letter of trust, signature, name of referee, job title and work unit.
But the recommendation should also focus on the following areas:

1. In order to facilitate the inspection of the school, the full name of the recommender must be mentioned.
2. Must hand over to treat with the understanding of the presentee during (when to begin to know or know how long), knowledge (occasionally meet or close contact) and relationships (the relationship between teachers and students, the relationship between higher and lower, colleagues, etc.).
3. Introduce and evaluate the merits of the recommender, which is the core of the recommendation letter.
It mainly includes the talent of the recommender, academic achievement, research ability, work experience, learning spirit, organization ability, character and personality.
4. It is necessary to indicate the attitude of the referee, which is highly recommended or recommended.

Recently, some schools have designed the recommended form for various reasons, which is filled by the recommender, but the main content is the same as the recommendation letter.